Good bye 2077, best wishes 78 !

Good bye 2077, best wishes 78 !
  • Prabesh Bista

At the beginning of the 77th year, Kovid invaded the world. There was no question that Nepal would remain untouched. Due to the corona infection, Nepal had been shutting down since March 26, 2076 to control the corona virus. I was repeatedly beaten for four months.

In other countries, the 120-day-long logging has come to an end with the relaxation of the logging. After the lockdown was removed, the market shops opened. Educational institutions opened even though it was delayed. The bustle increased in all areas. Coronavirus infection rates have been declining recently.

However, with the spread of the second wave of Corona in various countries of the world including India, Nepal has reached the level it was a year ago. The risk of corona has increased again. With the passing of the year of lockdown, the fear of the second wave has increased again. After the second wave of Corona spread at a rapid pace, woodcutting has been implemented in some parts of India. Schools have been closed in some places. Nepal also has a high risk of corona infection due to its open border with India. The second wave of covid is increasing in Nepal including some countries of the world. The number of infections is increasing day by day.

The Ministry of Health and Population has requested that no more than 25 people be allowed to gather.

With the second wave of Kovid-19 infection coming, the ministry has requested to reduce the crowd and not to gather more than 25 people.

The government has also said that public programs such as schools, colleges, cinema halls, party palaces and processions should be closed. The infected people have been diagnosed with complex symptoms and the infection rate has also increased.

Here are some things to look for when selecting yours:

-Must maintain a distance of at least 2 meters in all public places and offices and in all kinds of gatherings and gatherings,

– When going out of the house to use a surgical or three-layer cloth mask,

– Mandatory management of hand washing soapy water or sanitizer in all public places and offices,

– Ensuring that you wash your hands with soap and water or use a sanitizer when entering the office.

– Do not use if the fever is more than 100.4 degrees,

– Daily attendance offices will arrange for attendance by face reading or keep records by the supervisor,

-Do not employ people with cough and respiratory problems,

– Necessary diagnosis, treatment arrangements,

– Good catering management,

– Used materials and utensils should be cleaned and used only after drying,

– Regularly clean bathrooms and toilets twice a day,

-Do not put toothbrushes in the basins as there is a risk of transmission from hand washing basins.

– Disinfect most used doors, tables and other items daily,

– If any health problem is seen, seek treatment in consultation with a doctor

Happy New Year!

On the auspicious occasion of the New Year 2078 BS, I would like to express my heartfelt best wishes for happiness, peace, prosperity and progressive progress to all the Nepali brothers and sisters living at home and abroad with new enthusiasm and fervor.

With the arrival of the new year, I hope that the attack of Kovid in the country will bring peace. As we move forward with new thinking, style and clear destination to achieve the national goal of Peace, Stability, Good Governance and Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepal, may this year be a happy and fruitful one for all of us and let’s work for it from our region. Good luck. Let’s follow the criteria issued by the Ministry of Health to prevent coronavirus infection. I even expect Kovid to be defeated in 2078 .

सम्बन्धित खवर

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